Millcroft Road Sutton Coldfield


Millcroft Road Sutton Coldfield

” Exclusive Exteriors did the build on my Garden Bar , I knew I didn’t want an off the shelf prefabricated box, I wanted a bar which could be used in the summer and winter with the bar opening into the garden. E2 brought their experience of bespoke design and suggested a few ideas that we ran with. The result is a great space that the family all use that is great for winter but even better in summer. I’d not hesitate to recommend you call Paul in for some ideas and see what you could do with what ever space you have. “

The client had a number of friends with bars in their gardens and were keen to start entertaining at home

The family wanted something that would be practical, aesthetically pleasing and in proportion with the space they had available.

The brief was for Exclusive Exteriors to design an inside outside bar that they wanted to be funky, modern yet classy- ideally art deco style with a quality finish.

To fit in the space they had it needed to be 3m x 3m and Sky and Wi-Fi were important considerations.

The budget was flexible however the intention was that everything would be done from the start/completion and the Client was adamant that quality products used throughout the project to ensure longevity.

Exclusive Exteriors met with the Client a number of times to discuss the first drafts and then after these initial meetings, a design and build was agreed.

These meetings were held in person, over WhatsApp and Zoom over a 2-3-week period and pin interest was used to ensure the overall design was fully understood by us.

Upon receipt of order, the period of construction was forecast for 3 working weeks. Decoration was to be completed by client’s decorators- Trust Decorators at the weekends and upon completion.

On the ground where the project was proposed sat an old panel shed on an incline. The ground initially had to be levelled and a timber joist frame was then sat on cement pads with 4 corner timber decorative posts concreted in.

Upon levelling the site, it was clear we could accommodate a larger structure and we quickly redesigned the plans for the client so a larger structure could be created.

It was evident that we could move the structure closer to the boundary, change the orientation of the doors and accommodate French doors to allow access from the other side.


All the stud walls between the posts were insulated using Kingspan panels and membrane was applied before log lap exterior.

Internal MDF panels were then fitted ready for decoration.

Electrics from the main board were channelled to a mini board within the bar to provide lighting and power.

Cat 6 cable and 2 HDMI cables were run to a cabinet so a Sky minibox provided Wi-Fi and sport to the customers large new TV.

Hidden LED strips were fitted as well as spots, brass sockets, and brass spots to provide the art deco look.

The glazed elements were of an anthracite aluminium finish for the bifold window at the front and French doors at the side. This allowed for maximum light and allow the open feel during the summer months.

The roof was a Kingspan insulated panel roof with a concealed gutter to the rear leading to a water butt so the client can water his plants.

The Internal floor comprised of Amtico flooring sourced by the client and internal factory-made bespoke cabinetry was installed.

Despite changes in design and adverse weather, Exclusive Exteriors completed the project in 15 working days and handed over the final project to a delighted customer.